Design Lead at Superframe

At Superframe, we’re building a next-gen CRM to free the world of the misery of Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most business-critical, most widely-adopted pieces of software in the world. And people hate it.

It’s frustratingly difficult  to use, extremely expensive and time-consuming to configure, and missing some critical functionality that’s table stakes for modern web apps. It’s so bad that most people ignore it, interacting instead with purpose built tools that sit on top of it to perform specific tasks like SalesLoft for prospecting, Scratchpad for note taking, Rattle for Slack integration… the list goes on.

At Superframe, we spent the last 6 months trying to solve this problem within Salesforce, only to realize that Salesforce is beyond fixing. By starting over, we can provide a product that is 10x better in 100 ways, including being substantially cheaper and easier to maintain. At big companies, we will save years of implementation time and millions of dollars. And we will leave users with a product they’re truly happy to use.

We are starting off by focusing exclusively on SaaS companies. While our product will be extremely flexible under the hood, we will be most successful in gaining market share if we focus on the workflow and integrations that suit a particular audience. Most SaaS companies use similar tools and create similar team structures such that we will be able to create a solution that works for most of the market and can be tailored to do exactly what any individual company will want.

We’re looking for our first designer to lay the foundation

Design is absolutely critical in the CRM space; for once in a way that we can actually quantify! Many companies pay exorbitant fees ($79/user/montha 100% premium on top of the Salesforce licenses these companies are likely buying) to interact with Salesforce through a better UI, and employ multiple add-on tools for different use cases.

We are looking for someone to design a product that looks and feels amazing across a variety of workflows for a variety of personas, from Sales reps to Marketing leaders to the CEO.

In addition to designing the interface most people will interact with, this person will need to build out tools for administrators to edit data, add automations, integrate other products, and much more. The job is part workflow development, part developer tool creation, and part reporting interface design, so requires a well-rounded skillset (and some real effort to make it all feel like a cohesive product).

Above all else, we are looking for someone who is proactive and thrives in a very open-ended environment. Being the first designer on a product with this much scope is very different from building a feature within an existing system. The right person will seek to learn more on their own and apply their knowledge in thoughtful ways rather than waiting for direction.

We’re building a winning culture

We view this as an opportunity to do the best work of our lives and to be around others who want the same. It takes tremendous effort to transform an industry; to create a category. We are here for it. We celebrate the things we deliver to our customers and the ways in which we help one another.

We work in San Francisco, in person 4 days per week (we offer relocation). Creative work is easier and results are better in person, but more importantly it’s impossible to connect in the same way remotely. To build an enduring company, we need to be a team that endures. It takes a bond built on coffee breaks, late nights, whiteboarding sessions, and high-fives.

We write memos to clarify and structure our thinking (and reduce the number of meetings). We value design and insist that everything we put into the world be of excellent quality. We move fast by reducing scope, cutting to the core of what we’re really trying to accomplish and doing a killer job of that – and only that. We empower one another to be autonomous and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.

We’re experienced operators with plenty of money from top-tier investors and deep expertise in this space

We are a seed-stage company with more than 3 years of runway. Our investors include developer tools experts like Dan Scholnick and Tim Chen, data experts like Josh Wills and Sean Taylor, killer operators like Allison Pickens and Lauren Antonoff, and leaders in the Go To Market ecosystem like Bob Moore and Boris Jabes.

This is CEO Derek Steer‘s second venture after founding Mode and building it to mid-eight figure annual revenue. Derek has felt the pain of managing CRM systems first hand from the perspectives of an administrator, manager, and executive.

CTO Nick Bruun previously built Iconfinder and Audacious, a vertical-specific CRM for insurance brokers, both of which were acquired. Along the way, he spent a few years at Stripe.

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