Instant clarity, even in the messiest Salesforce instance


Maybe digging through menus is the best part of your day. Probably not. We take the legwork out of determining who can see what across your entire Salesforce instance.

Questions and reporting

Be the first to identify opportunities and become that teammate who always has the answer. Whenever a question pops up, talk to Superframe and get the info you need. Without needing to follow up via email ... again.

Dependency analysis

We’re not a crystal ball, but we can do something similar. Want to edit something, but not sure what will break? Just ask—Superframe will tell you exactly what’s at risk.

Starting is simple

Link it up

Use your Salesforce credentials to connect Superframe to your instance.

Ask a question

Enter your question into the chatbot and let Superframe do its thing.

Get the answer

Superframe combs through your instance, retrieves the right info, and delivers it immediately.

Learn from leaders

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Finally clear your backlog

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