There’s nothing fun about Salesforce dysfunction

Admins drowning in an ever-growing backlog. Leaders left wondering whether data is accurate. Shortcuts and shortcomings. Entire companies waiting for their changes to actualize. Honestly, these realities scared us—so we decided to do something about it.

Configuration is crucial—and complicated

Companies choose Salesforce with the hope of boundless customization ... until that big promise causes big problems. Leaders end up adjusting their needs to suit the system, putting unnecessary limits on their strategic plans.

We’re the antidote to Salesforce stress

We’re building a tool that makes creating and maintaining the ideal system easy. Where doing things the right way feels frictionless, leading to better data and better decision-making. The ability to configure, then configure again, without disruption or destruction. A system that supports your goals as you set them higher and higher.

Our values

Start and end with the customer

We’re hellbent on solving our customers’ problems. That’s why we exist—to do right by them, always. Our job isn’t complete until their jobs are easier.

Pride in quality

We’re here to do the greatest work of our lives. We better ourselves and encourage one another to become better. We’re united by a shared mission: to create simplicity within a complex system.

People over process

We admire resourcefulness, creativity, and persistence in the face of ambiguity. We trust one another to make the right choices. When trust exists, onerous processes don’t have to.

Create leverage

We deliver value by giving our customers tools that transform their careers. To fully understand what must be done to accomplish this, we immerse ourselves in their world.

Evolve RevOps with us

Life at Superframe

IRL time with collaborators drives great work and strong bonds, so we build and eat together in-office every day. We’ll cover the meals. Just bring your best self.

We don't skimp on health and family—we offer company-paid, top-tier insurance. We want you to be excited at work, and that requires recharging outside of work. Enjoy untracked, flexible PTO so you can actually take real, meaningful time off.

Open roles

AI/ML Engineer

Help define the strategy, architecture, and tooling for our ML and AI stack – and, of course, bring it all to life. Bring a strong vision based on your participation in the AI world today, but prioritize flexibility and speed to allow us to reach our goals today and take full advantage of the rapid pace of change in the field.

Software Engineer

Building a great product that seamlessly integrates with the modern Go To Market stack takes both deep technical skill and a genuine empathy for the problems that face our users every day. Come work closely with our users to design and implement solutions end-to-end, across our stack from infrastructure through backend to frontend.

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